My essential oil diffuser isn’t producing as much mist as it used to, what can I do?

  1. Make sure that the water does not exceed the orange fill line. If it goes over this the diffuser won’t be able to produce mist. We sometimes slightly under-fill the diffuser just to make sure.
  2. We find the warm or room temperature water produces more mist than cold water.
  3. Your diffusion emitter might have oil residue causing light or no mist to emit. The ultrasonic emitter is sensitive to any residue and needs to be kept clean. You can use the included brush to clean it off and if that is not cleaning it well enough there are a few other options. You can use a soft cotton swab to gently clean off any residue.

My diffuser shuts off after a few hours, what am I doing wrong?

All of our diffusers are on a three hour timer. It will shut off when it hits the end of this timer or if it runs out of water.

How do I activate the Intermittent Mist mode?

When you press the mist mode button on the remote, it takes 15-20 seconds before the mode starts.  After this time, the mist should cut out, and then resume 15 seconds later. Also, you can enter into the intermittent mist mode by pressing the button on the bottom of the diffuser unit. First, line up the bottom button with the hole in the metal shell. With the diffuser off, press the button twice and it will be in intermittent mode. If you press a third time, the diffuser will turn off.

How do I activate the Candle mode?

To enter into the flickering candle mode, you need to press “Light” button located on the top left of the remote. If the diffuser is off, the first press will turn on the light into continuous mode, the second press will turn on the candle mode, and the third press will turn off the light.

The “Brightness” button which is located directly below the light button can be used to control the brightness in both continuous and candle mode.