EnduringDecor_logoAll of our products are designed with the following guidelines. We believe our guidelines lay the foundation for great products and we think you will agree after using them for yourself.

Enhance the Indoor Mood

Our goal is to create products that beautify your indoor spaces. When we have done our job right, our products fade into the background and create a subtle ambiance that enhances the overall setting.  We do this through modern design and production.

High Quality

Our products have to meet our high standards first and we only create products that we use ourselves. That’s why compared to our competitors we offer benefits such as higher waterproof ratings and larger internal batteries. These things cost more but show through as our products will last season after season.

Sustainable Functionality

We think solar is the future. We want to provide the world with products powered by the sun, so you can use them to create unique and sustainable outdoor spaces not tied to the power grid.


Enduring Decor is a wholly owned brand of Myers Global Industries LLC, a company committed to producing great consumer and industrial products.

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